Bahria Town Karachi Dams

Bahria Town Karachi Dams 2022

Bahria Town has a track record of building various communities in different provinces of Pakistan, and all of the societies are one of a kind. All of the societies are not just highly efficient but provide a luxury living experience in the whole country by setting a high-standard benchmark, which is near too impossible for any other private housing society to achieve. If we solely talk about Bahria Town Karachi there are many mind-blowing attractions already available in Bahria Town Karachi Like:

  • Carnival Area
  • DanZoo
  • Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Central Park (Replica)
  • Bahria Dancing Fountain
  • Rafi Cricket Stadium
  • Chirpy Park
  • 36-hole PGA Standard Golf Course
  • Eiffel Tower (Replica)

These all are proofs of the incarnation of construction in Bahria Town Karachi.

Moving forward to some big and mind-blowing projects of Bahria Town Karachi, its Mini Dams. No doubt Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest project of Bahria Town to date and owns many key features that no other societies have and one of them is Mini Dams. The concept of these Mini Dams is to store fresh rainwater with a capacity of around 167.6 Million Gallons of fresh rainwater aster the rain in Bahria Town Karachi.

The reason behind storing this fresh rainwater is very simple, we all know every year due to rains our whole country is flooded and these floods cause huge destruction in which huge numbers of people lose their lives and not just humans but a large amount of livestock also fail to survive in that hard conditions as well as agriculture. Even during recent rain spells in our whole country, many urban societies are also flooded and our whole country is in a reprehensible condition. But on the other hand, Millions and Billions of gallons of water are also drained into the sea, which causes an increase in sea level which is a big problem for Karachi, but this is not the only problem, many rural areas and urban areas don’t even have access to clean drinking water as well.

Many areas of Sindh province including Thar are in severe drought and the reason behind this is they don’t have access to clean water, because of that there are no crops and agriculture is also not possible in those areas. If we talk about the biggest urban city of Pakistan, Karachi, there are thousands of people, who don’t have access to clean drinking water and in many areas of Karachi, people use Borwell to facilitate them with water for daily use. That’s why the Mini Dams in Bahria town Karachi were built to store fresh rainwater, which flows into the sea every year.

These Mini Dams were recently constructed in different locations of Bahria Town Karachi. These Mini Dams play a major role to provide fresh water to the community. These Mini Dams were successful during the recent rain spell, where the whole city of Karachi has come underwater except for Bahria Town Karachi after rain.

These Mini Dams have been constructed in 16 different locations and precincts of Bahria Town Karachi. Due to these Mini Dams, the Management of Bahria Town Karachi is planning to increase the capacity of storing water to around 275+ million Gallons of rain in Bahria town Karachi. As we all know, the Management of Bahria Town Karachi makes every normal place a beautiful landmark. In these Mini Dams, the Management of Bahria Town Karachi has made these Mini Dams aPicturistic Location for the residents and visitors. All of the Mini Dams are covered with beautiful greenery and parks which makes these Mini Dams not just beautiful but a place to visit with your family and friends. The view of these Mini Dams after rain is such beautiful and marvelous that everyone like to see and enjoy living their life here in Bahria Town Karachi.

All the services remained uninterrupted during rain spells and residents went to their daily activities as usual. All of the visitor’s points and daily routine places were operational like other normal days. So now it’s clear that no matter its rainy season or any other, Bahria Town Karachi is the only right place to live in all weathers.

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