Grand Opening of Chirpy Park In Bahria Town Karachi 2022

Grand Opening of Chirpy Park In Bahria Town Karachi

No doubt that there are many iconic tourist attractions in Karachi, from stunning beaches and beautiful parks to historical monuments and amusement parks. The city of lights is filled with dozens of places where you can enjoy, relax and love to spend time with your friends and family.
Those who are residing in Karachi City will be very familiar with the name of Bahria Town Karachi and the list of dozen of recreational spots and landmarks where you can enjoy, relax and love spending time with your friends and family.

  • Pakistan’s Biggest Carnival Area
  • Pakistan’s First International Standard Theme Park
  • Pakistan’s First Day And Night Zoo DanZoo
  • Worlds Tallest Obelisk Flag Pole
  • World’s Third Largest Mosque Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Pakistan’s First Dancing Fountain
  • Pakistan’s First 36 Hole Golf Club
  • Murree Point Tourist Spot
  • Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium
  • World’s Biggest Eiffle Tower Replica
  • Pakistan’s Largest Urban Forest
  • 7 Star Hotel



And now Bahria Town Karachi adds another attraction to its list which will grab the attention of many families. Bahria Town Karachi now opened its gates to Chirpy Park a unique Bird Aviary first time in Pakistan. Chirpy Park is home to more than +600 birds of 47 different species of local and international exotic birds spread over 1.1 Acre of land. Let us help you share every detail of this latest tourist attraction including timings, location, tike price, and more.

Chirpy Park is a specially designed bird aviary located in Asia’s biggest private housing society and we all know that this Society is no other than Bahria Town Karachi. The Inauguration of Chirpy Park was held on the 5th of August, 2022 and since then thousands of families from Karachi and nearby areas had already visited this marvelous Bird Aviary.

Chirpy Park is designed to treat people of any age, apart from beautiful birds Chirpy Park also offers visitors an opportunity to experience true nature with its rainforest-inspired design and serene atmosphere. The addition of some ambient music combined with a soothing lighting system, fog machines, and the visual appeal of a botanical garden, makes this place feels like an Amazonian Jungle.

Chirpy Park is a place that you should visit once in your life, and this Bird Aviary is a place for those who love to observe a wide variety of exotic birds and their natural habits. There are more than +600 birds of 47 different species of local and international exotic birds in Chirp Park but let us mention some of the most notable species which Visitors can witness and feed different species in Chirpy Park:

  • Macaws
  • Pheasants
  • Cockatoos
  • Finches
  • Lorikeets
  • Parakeets
  • Bulbuls
  • Canaries
  • Flamingos
  • Grey Parrots
  • Starlings
  • Asian Koels

In addition, there is a souvenir shop also located within the premises of Chirpy Park, which will allow visitors to buy mementos to remember their trip to Chirpy Park.


The location of Chirpy Park is convenient and easy to access for the residents of Bahria Town Karachi as well as those visiting from other areas of Karachi.
Chirpy Park is situated in Ali Block Precinct-12 just 15 minutes from the main gate of Bahria Town Karachi, which means residents of Bahria Town Karachi, as well as those visiting from other areas of Karachi, can easily access Chirpy Park from Main Jinnah Avenue

The timings of Chirpy Park are from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM you cacn visit Chirpy Park between these times.


The ticket price fro Chirpy Park:
Adult: Rs. 500
Childern: Rs. 300

Chirpy Park is an masterpice and a reflection of the vision of the Chairmain of Bahria Town Karachi Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain and CEO of Bahria Town Karachi Mr. Ali Riaz Malik.

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